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IARELA's certification process includes technical training for aspiring lease auditors via placement with established approved lease auditing organizations in the USA and Canada.  The objective of this exposure to hands-on training is to ensure that applicants experience the practical application of technical and theoretical knowledge and that IARELA effectively assesses the individual for the desired professional certification via direct feedback from the immediate supervisors of the auditor.  The appropriate certifications are awarded to the individuals who meet the minimum educational and experience qualifications and demonstrate high proficiency in all critical areas of the lease audit process by passing the certification test.

IARELA's ultimate objective is to elevate a commercial lease auditor's professional profile through the establishment and implementation of appropriate guidelines, code of ethics and best practices for the practice of commercial real estate lease auditing in an industry which is still in its infancy.

IARELA was established to educate and certify qualified individuals as commercial real estate lease auditors.  The lease auditing industry is, at less than 30 years since the first known commercial lease audit service, still in its infancy and has remained unregulated since.  As a result, tenants and landlords seeking lease audit services have either engaged unqualified auditors or, at the behest of landlords, requested the lease audit services of certified public accountants (CPAs).  However, a CPA with no specific lease audit knowledge and/or experience with respect to building operation and landlord-tenant dynamics is equally as unprepared for lease auditing as any other unqualified auditor.  IARELA's hopes to serve as the pre-eminent accreditation resource for commercial real estate lease auditors.  As such, via the award of professional certifications and designations, IARELA's goal is to reassure tenants and landlords of the reliability and expertise of  commercial real estate lease auditors awarded the IARELA's professional designations of Certified Lease Auditor(TM), Certified Lease Analyst(TM), Lease Audit Professional(TM)  and their respective associated sub-designations.Type your paragraph here.

...add a college degree, lease audit training, 2 or more years of lease audit experience



...add commercial real estate and accounting knowledge, 2 or more years of lease audit experience


...add commercial real estate knowledge, 2 or more years of lease audit experience


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IARELA offers continuing education services in the lease audit discipline to ensure that all IARELA certified professionals remain abreast of current developments, analytical tools and processes necessary for effective and efficient lease auditing practices.